Forgers eager for first League Game

This Saturday marks the start of the Forgers season with an exciting Sheffield Derby against Sheffield Hawks ARLFC.

The much anticipated game kicks off at 2:30pm at the Niagara Conference Centre, with the starting Forgers side being:

1. Stuart Stogden

2. Adam Giles

3. Ali Waring

4. Cameron Halliwell

5. Casimir Abaka-Nyarko

6. Aaron Lane

7. Thomas Schofield

8. Adam Wallbank

9. Thomas Hughes

10. Matty Hopkins

11. Russ Priestnall-Birkett

12. Josh Freeman

13. Bradley Gozzard

14. Gareth Rodd

15. Lewis Campbell

16. Thomas Purvis

17. Mitch Wallis

18. Nick Roberts

19. Dan Harmes

Preparations for the game by the noticeably fired-up Forgers side have been energised and forward-thinking, with the team all looking forward to their first league game now more than ever.

Training on the Wednesday before the game brought an impressive 26 potential players into the Forgers hands, each giving 100% effort and a great social atmosphere, which was definitely seen in the bar afterwards!


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Coach Chris Coates said:

"The boys have worked really hard and the attitude at the club is great. Everyone wants to learn, everyone wants to pull together for each other. We're gelling slowly into a real team and it's showing in our performances.

"The best bit? There's so much more growth in the side to come and the lads know it. I'm really excited to see how they develop as they continue to grow."

Most importantly, we are looking forward to playing Rugby League in Sheffield again this year - we can't wait to get started!

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