Here's a list of current players and their bio:

Heritage Number: #005

Name: Dave Pearce / DP

Position: Halfback / Hooker

Location: Woodhouse Mill / or 99% of the time busy lol

Why did you choose to sign?:

I was an original Forger and was for about 6 years previously. I'm chuffed that the Forgers have come back, and couldn't resist pulling on the shirt again. The enthusiasm for the game is great.

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Heritage Number: #33

Name: Chris Rogers

Position: Utility

Location: Sheffield

Why did you choose to sign?:

Re-signing for the Forgers was a no brainer when the opportunity came up.

I started my open age career with them! 10 years has passed and its like we’ve never been away.

The feel of this new era of the Forgers is great, the buzz around the camp is brilliant and people are embracing what a true family club the Forgers are.

It's not just a Rugby League club but it's shaping into a band of brothers that will win, lose and socialise together.


Heritage Number: #042

Name: Dave Potts

Position: Missionary

Location: Sheffield

Likes: Long walks on the beach, naked gardening

Dislikes: Wearing clothes, young people

Why did you choose to sign?:

After committing to retirement last year I couldn't keep boots off when discovering Forgers were coming back. I've spent the last 13 years ish playing Union and in the later half of that wondering about playing league again.

I am keen to get involved with such an enthusiastic bunch and prove to everyone (mainly myself) this old dog is not done! Bigger, fitter, stronger, faster – let's put it to the test.


Playing career –

-        Sheffield (Union)

-        Hawks (League)

-        Forgers (League)

-        Stockbridge (Union)

-        Rolls-Royce (Union) 

Heritage Number: #59

Name: John (The Horne) Horne ????

Position: Fullback

Location: Sheffield

Why did you choose to sign?:

I’ve been around sport all my life and part of a lot of teams, but the Forgers have always been one of the best groups I’ve ever been a part of both on the pitch with their determination and effort for each other, but also off the pitch.

I've made mates for life with the Forgers, and as soon as the opportunity came up to sign again? I snapped their hand off.


Heritage Number: #69

Name: Tom Haigh

Position: Loose Forward / Stand-Off

Location: Rotherham

Why did you choose to sign?:

I was a Forger originally, and a Dewsbury lad - i've got unfinished business to sort out here with the Forgers.      

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Heritage Number: #070

Name: Ryan Timmins

Position: No idea! Used to play wing or fullback but i'm not really built for them anymore haha! I'm happy to play wherever i'm needed.

Location: Sheffield

Why did you choose to sign?:

I originally played for Forgers when I was 16 years old and always enjoyed my time at the club but sadly drifted away and stopped playing League altogether...

Then around 9 years later I start to see some old team mates posting about Forgers again and I started getting interested.

Then one evening while at work I received a message asking if I fancied coming down for a training session.

The following week I signed up! I love it.


Heritage Number: #085

Name: Kieran Dobson

Position: Wing

Location: Sheffield

Why did you choose to sign?:

I recently moved from Leeds and wanted to play Rugby League and stumbled on the Forgers who were close by. It's a great atmosphere here and I was made to feel welcome straight away.

Heritage Number: #086

Name: Thomas Hughes

Position: Hooker/ Half back (prop if asked when drunk)

Location: Sheffield

Why did you choose to sign?:

Over the years I’ve played for multiple sides from Hillsborough as a youth to Barnsley and Sherwood in open ages. When discovering that the Forgers were back I knew I wanted to play back in my city for a local club that is doing all it can to grow rugby league in and around Sheffield.

The boys are top notch and the Forgers have got a great setup here.

Heritage Number: #87

Name: Ciaran Rooney

Position: Wing

Location: Sheffield

Why did you choose to sign?:

Me and my brother have always been massive Rugby League fans and when we saw that a club was starting up nearly on our doorstep it was too tempting to turn down.

I've never played the game before but when we got here for our first session everyone was welcoming and the sessions are great.

I'm loving the training and i'm getting the hang of the technique - and can't wait to play in the best shirt in the Yorkshire League


Heritage Number: #88

Name: Thomas Schofield

Position: Half Back

Location: Sheffield

Why did you choose to sign?:

Thinking back my first rugby league match was played in a Sheffield Forgers shirt while playing for North Derbyshire Chargers, so I had to go full circle.

Also I had to snap at the chance of playing league again after not playing for the past 2 and a half years.

Heritage Number: #89

Name: Danny Capewell

Position: No idea! Played loose forward during my school / college years but happy to put in a shift where needed.

Location: Sheffield

Why did you choose to sign?:

I recently moved to Sheffield from Leeds and wanted to take the opportunity to begin play rugby league again as I'm not getting any younger.

Finding a club outside of the M62 heartland isn't an easy task but The Forgers are making all the right noises to grow the club into something noteworthy.

Originally from Oldham and having played for Waterhead you'd think I'd be a good prospect, but you'd be wrong!




Heritage Number: #090

Name: Cam Barrows / Old Spice

Position: Wing/Centre

Location: Sheffield

Why did you choose to sign?:

Spent the past 11 years sprinting the 100/200m on the track but lost the love of the sport.

So decided to put my speed to use on the field and give rugby league a crack with the Sheffield Forgers.


Heritage Number: #091

Name: Aaron Wycherley

Position: Loose Forward/Centre/Second Row

Location: Mansfield

Why did you choose to sign?: 

I chose to sign for the Forgers to play a better standard of rugby league to further progress my skills as a player.

There are a few lads I already know from previous clubs, they're great lads and the new ones i'm getting to know at the club are just as good.

I love the club already, the team atmosphere is great and looking forward to a great season at the Forgers. 



Heritage Number: #093

Name: Neil Storey

Position: Loose Forward

Location: Clowne

Why did you choose to sign?:

I chose to sign and come out of retirement after hearing good things about the club, I played against the original team when I was playing for Rossington Sharks.

I’ve played for a number of clubs including Hillsborough, Ossett, Rossington and North Derbyshire Chargers and it's be great to be involved again.

Heritage Number: #094

Name: Sam Parkes

Position: Loose Forward

Location: London/Sheffield

Why did you choose to sign?:

"It was not always a straight forward decision for me to put pen to paper with the Sheffield Forgers. Most people will be aware of the speculation in the national media linking me with several fairly reputable clubs down London way.

"Ultimately it was the ambition shown by Sheffield Forgers that swung it for me. I'd been following with some interest the transfer activity of the Forgers early on in this winter transfer window. Not least the controversial signing of Hughes from near by Wolf Hunt.

"With that combined, and after a few conversations with coach Chris Coates about the direction the club is going and ambition the club has for the next few years it made it an easy decisions for me to sign.

"Oh, and also I like playing rugby league and drinking beers with my mates on a Saturday...

"Actually, now I think about it, it



Heritage Number: #031

Name: Benjamin Hanson, Triple B, Big Bald Ben

Position: Prop

Location: Wakefield

Why did you choose to sign?:

A voice from the past ghosted into my life after 7 years and stirred up the dust of memories long settled. Somehow in the snowglobe of recollections the bad times got forgotten and the good times made me smile. So I thought to myself, "You're a bloody idiot, but I'm a crazy idiot so I ignored myself and got back on board the good ship "Forger" once again.

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Heritage Number: #032

Name: Simon Travis

Position: Prop

Location: Sheffield

Why did you choose to sign?:

I signed on to help out with the club and play the odd game if i'm needed.

The boys are great and i'm honoured to be associated with the Forgers again, after playing at the Forgers originally.

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Heritage Number: #073

Name: Nick Roberts

Position: Centre (like an older, slower, weaker, uglier Mark Percival)

Location: Sheffield (originally St Helens)

Why did you choose to sign?:

I wanted to sign for the Forgers as I've been out the game for 7 years and was keen to get back playing whilst my joints are still working and as I previously played for the Forgers it makes sense to come full circle...much like how I run on a pitch.

 Awaiting Image


Heritage Number: #041

Name: Luke Dyson / Pirate(?!?!?) / Dicey / Sicknote

Position: Wing/Centre

Location: Sheffield

Why did you choose to sign?:

I wanted to get involved as i'm one of the original team players back in the day, and really miss Rugby League. The clubs reform is letting me relive a lot of fond memories.

Ed: Look at this old photo!

Heritage Number: #095

Name: Jake Rooney

Position: Wing

Location: Sheffield

Why did you choose to sign?:

I've always wanted to try rugby league out after having played a little bit at school and after having watched the Eagles for many years.

My brother and me came down to get involved and as soon as I tried on the shirt, I couldn't say no!


Heritage Number: #096

Name: Aaron Lane / Azz

Position: Wing/Fullback

Location: Mansfield

Why did you choose to sign?:

I've always been a fan of rugby league since being a kid ! Being brought up to play by a bunch of fijians who were in my dads regiment after teaching them to kick and being the only kid on block to be able to keep up and play and train with them really gave me an insight into the family sport and made me feel apart of something from a young age.

Played at several clubs throughout the UK but i'm ready for a new chapter with a great set of lads and set up.

What made me choose the Forgers? The atmosphere of the club is something else and knowing Coatesy and and the family members were down at the club and were made to feel welcome made it a done deal!

The fact you are welcomed from the very first day and made to feel part of a bigger family made me want to come down to get involved and as soon as I tried on the shirt, I couldn't say no!


Heritage Number: #098

Name: Corey Crummack / Corey

Position: Fullback / Winger

Location: Chesterfield

Why did you choose to sign?:

I chose to sign for the Forgers because they're a really good set of lads and local to me. I've got family down here in Aaron too, so it's good to play on the same side as him.

I've known Chris since my junior playing years and like his exciting style of play, and reckon i'll have a great time playing here.


Heritage Number: #100

Name: Jamie Brown

Position: Any (as long as it's 10mins max!)

Location: Chesterfield

Why did you choose to sign?:

I used to coach some of these players when they were kids (now I feel old!)

Me and Chris had a conversation a while back by chance whilst bumping into each other in Bridlington - We were on the land train for 10 mins, and in those 10 mins he'd managed to convince me to get back involved with the game after we'd played together for a season beforehand!


Heritage Number: #101

Name: Ben Doxey / Doxey

Position: Prop / Barbell (if asked when drunk)

Location: Worksop / Sheffield

Why did you choose to sign?:

It's a really good set up here and i've got a few mates already playing who helped convince me to come along and give it a go, and i've not looked back since.

Having previously played for the Eagles it’s nice to come back and play Rugby League again in Sheffield.


Heritage Number: #102

Name: Liam Wilson

Position: Prop 

Location: Sheffield

Why did you choose to sign?:


   Awaiting Image

Heritage Number: #103

Name: Steve Hawksworth

Position: Anywhere i'm played - but I love running with the ball!

Location: Sheffield

Why did you choose to sign?:

Zack Wilson mentioned it to me, and I fancied giving it a try as there was no other league teams I knew of in Sheffield and I’ve enjoyed it loads since joining.

Chris was really welcoming and took me in, and has taken time working with me to improve me as a player, which is something i've not had elsewhere.

I can really feel my game coming along here and i'm looking forward to the season.

    Awaiting Image

Heritage Number: #104

Name: Tom Wallis / recently adopted the name Gimli

Position: Prop / Second Row

Location: Aston, Sheffield

Why did you choose to sign?:

Rugby has always been a big part of my life, playing it from the age of 5 it has always been a priority for me but due to work commitments, I took a 3 year break from both codes of rugby.

Eager to get back into it I posted a message out looking for a team, which prompted Forgers Coach Chris to get in touch with telling me to come down to training.

After a few exchanges of messages I was hooked, Chris had completely sold it to me, Forgers sounded the team for me. His enthusiasm for the game is infectious!

Straight away at training all the lads made me feel welcome and it made feel at ease as at first I was a bit nervous. After the first training session, I signed up straight away.

Another main reason I signed for the Forgers was how much of a family orientated team it is, becoming a Dad in October 2017 and having a missus who has only got in to rugby since meeting me made me need to choose a team that got them included too.

It's a real family atmosphere here, and you feel special. Not just a body, but someone that everyone cares about.

I would recommend the Forgers to anyone who is interested in getting involved in Rugby League or Rugby in general. Up the Forgers!

    Awaiting Image

Heritage Number: #105

Name: Mitchell Wallis / Mitch

Position: Winger

Location: Aston, Sheffield

Why did you choose to sign?:

I got involved after Tom told me how good it was down here.

Never played the game before, but as soon as I got here it felt special.

There's a passion for the game here, and I want to be a part of that.

It's like a family here already - and being a new player here is special because everyone welcomes you in and makes you feel a part of it.

   Awaiting Image



Heritage Number: #107

Name: Danny Wilson

Position: Prop

Location: Sheffield

Why did you choose to sign?:

I used to play down at Hawks and Eagles scholarship, and fell out of love with the game and spent a few years playing Union.

When the opportunity came up and Chris started talking to me, it was really tempting.

Once Chris had convinced me to come down and watch the first friendly I was always gonna sign. I couldn't not.

Training has been brilliant and i'm beginning to find that love for Rugby League again.

    Awaiting Image

Heritage Number: #110

Name: Jack Charlesworth

Position: I used to be a prop as a kid, but i'm six stone lighter these days. Probably a second rower!

Location: Sheffield!

Why did you choose to sign?:

I wanted a new challenge! I played Rugby League for half a season when I was about 14 and really enjoyed it without really getting to know the sport as well as I wanted.

I've always been a Football kind of guy, but that get's a little boring after a while so I've decided to sink my teeth in to something new-ish!

Hopefully I can learn under Chris and the boys and achieve something with the Sheffield Forgers!

I've been welcomed with open arms and it's great here. Looking forward to getting stuck in!


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