The Forgers Way

We are Forgers and this is how we play;


F - Fast

We play fast Rugby League going forward and catch larger sides unprepared. We get quick play and tire opponents out. We get up fast and into the opponents face in defence.


O - Opportunistic

We identify weaknesses and exploit them. Weak defenders, lazy markers? We attack it. We see an opportunity for a mismatch? We take it. We play smart, not just hard.


R - Robust 

We make our opposition have to work hard and be skillful to score. No easy scores up the middle should be given, and we don’t give up easy quick Play The Balls.


G - Gritty

We aren’t afraid of having to roll our sleeves up and do hard work, and we’re patient in our approach and can grind our opponents down if needs-be.


E - Expansive

We spread the play wide, we have plenty of skill and we want to be exciting to people who watch. Plus when we’ve done the hard work of drawing defenders in, all the space opens up out wide.


R - Running

We do plenty of running off-the-ball for each other. “Men in motion” gives plenty of pass options, and pushing on each others shoulder creates chances to score.


S - Strong

We are strong in defence, dominate our opposition and we use our strength in attack in the right parts of the field, especially when the opposition is tired near their line.

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